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Corporate Purchasing and Contracting Policy Manual CAS040606
Corporate Purchasing and Contracting Policy Manual

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This 115-page document outlines the basic Policies and Procedures a Corporation should follow when making commitments to Vendors and Contractors. The manual reflects the intent of applicable public laws and statutes along with generally accepted good business practices.

The manual is in Word format and is easily modified to clearly convey each organization’s unique needs. The “point & click” Table of Contents makes this document a useful electronic reference manual for network posting.

Simple but Effective

These policies and procedures have been proven over time to be an easy and cost-effective solution to properly administering and documenting activities related to purchasing and contracting.

Useful Exhibits

Exhibits which are formatted in Word, Excel or PDF providing effective templates for everyday use by contract administrators and buyers.

All exhibits are provided as independent files for instant use.

·       Exhibit 1 – Checklist for Lower-Tier Subcontractor Non-Payment complaints

·       Exhibit 2 – Certificate of Insurance

·       Exhibit 3 – Purchase Order and Contracts Status Register

·       Exhibit 4 - Material Requisition Form

·       Exhibit 5 - Request for Contract Form

·       Exhibit 6 - Justification for other than full and Open competition

·       Exhibit 7 - Bid Tabulation Form

·       Exhibit 8 - Award Recommendation /Commitment Authorization

·       Exhibit 9 - Contractor Release of Lien Affidavit

·       Exhibit 10 - Contractor Non-Collusion Affidavit

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