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Regular price: $215.75
Sale price: $79.95

Purchasing and Contract Administration Template Tool Package CAS040717-3
Purchasing and Contract Administration Template Tool Package

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The Corporate Purchasing & Contracts  Package

includes the following  Products

Product No.                Description                             Retail Price

CAS040606      Purchasing & Contracting Policy Manual       $89.95

CAS060101-2   Contract Agreement Templates                      $49.95

CAS060101-1   Contract Request for Proposal Package         $49.95

CAS060101-3   Confidentiality Agreement Template             $12.95

CAS021102      Close Out Checklists & Templates                  $12.95

            Total Package Retail Price:                       $215.75

                    Package Sale Price:                        $ 79.95

This Collection of Forms, Templates, and Checklists provides the Basics for Bidding, Evaluating, Purchasing, Tracking, Expediting, and Closeout Activities
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Complete Reference Set

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Business Templates at CASBuy