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Health and Safety Manual Template with OSHA Links CAS080112
Health and Safety Manual Template with OSHA Links

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This Health and Safety Manual Template is designed as a tool to assist effective managers that are not Safety Professionals with developing, documenting and implementing an effective Injury and Illness Prevention Plan.

An Invaluable Tool for OSHA’s Step Two, Three, and Four!!

Step Two of OSHA’s Four Step Process is to analyze the Worksite to Identify all Hazards and Potential Hazards.

This Safety Manual Template is embedded with hyperlinks to OSHA Topics that allow quick access to OSHA’s vast resources.

Designed to be effortlessly edited and customized to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Step Three of OSHA’s Four Step Process is to Develop, Implement and Maintain Methods and Processes that Prevent or Control Existing or Potential Hazards

Step Four of OSHA’s Four Step Process is to Train Managers, Supervisors and Employees to Ensure that They Understand and Deal with all Worksite Hazards.

Starting with basic and proven fundamental necessities ready to be modified to fit the task at hand is the easiest, most efficient solution to save time and ensure success.

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Health & Safety OSHA Manual and Handbook Templates Package

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