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Office Purchasing Policy and Procedures Templates CAS081227
Office Purchasing Policy and Procedures Templates

Office purchasing policy manual template to establish procedures and guidelines for bidding, awarding and executing purchase orders and contracts.

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The Manual comes complete with these useful templates to give even the most inexperienced person the tools to be a proficient Buyer:

Exhibit 1 – Material Requisition
Exhibit 2 – Contract / Consulting Agreement Requisition
Exhibit 3 – Commercial Evaluation Form
Exhibit 4 – Authorized Employee Purchasing Policy Acknowledgement
Exhibit 5 – Sample Insurance Certificate
Exhibit 6 – Open & Planned Contract / Purchase Order / Inquiry Register
Exhibit 7 – Contract / Purchase Order Status Register
Exhibit 8 – Justification for other than Full & Open Competition
Exhibit 9 - Award Recommendation /Commitment Authorization Form
Exhibit 10 - Contractor Release of Lien Affidavit
Exhibit 11 - Contractor Non-Collusion Affidavit
Exhibit 12 – Contractor Notification of Pending Backcharge


Purchasing Materials, Supplies, Equipment and Services effectively is essential to an organization’s overall success.

The Manual clearly outlines purchasing responsibilities in a typical organization and can easily be edited to comply with other organizational processes.

The balance of the manual is set up as a reference manual containing set-by-step processes for each stage of the buying cycle.

People making buying decisions for a company need to know how to professionally convey their requirements to Bidders in a manner that ensures the winning proposal is thorough, complete and competitive.

This Office Purchasing Procedures Manual is a comprehensive instructional manual intended to serve as a guide for soliciting bids for simple and complicated requirements.
Start at the beginning, read each section, evaluate its relevance, revise as needed, save, print and issue.


Formatted in Word and Excel providing effective tools for everyday use by contract administrators and buyers.


The finished documents can be easily checked by competent parties to ensure that all federal, state and local regulatory requirements are addressed.

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