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Materials Management and Purchasing Assessment and Revamping

Regular Senior Management operational assessment and revamping provides a self-regulating review over and above the regular internal checks and reviews of an organization. The review’s purpose should be to ensure quality and integrity of material operations. Regular assessments verify, interfaces, system applications, reporting, analysis, communications and coordination to ensure that they are performed in a timely and efficient manner. At the end of the assessment, Senior Management should provide an overall report on the conditions found and recommended enhancements and corrective actions along with the expected results.

After Group Management has reviewed the initial assessment reports, Senior Management should provide whatever level of assistance is required to implement the enhancements and corrective actions selected.

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The set includes Seven (7) Individual  Audit Checklists for Checking Key Project Operational Activities.


Project Management Audit Checklist



Document Management Operations Audit Checklist



Project Materials Management Audit Checklist



On-Site Material Control Audit Checklist



Project Purchasing Audit Checklist



Expediting & Traffic Audit Checklist



Subcontract Administration Audit Checklist


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Materials Management Auditing Package

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Overall Program Development & Implementation Processes

Many successful organizations have operated for extended periods of time without defined Procurement and Material Management Policies and Procedures. Typically, management focuses on processes within the organization that make the profit. Not a lot of time or attention is focused on managing the materials and procurement processes.

Developing and implementing an effective Procurement and Materials Management Program can result in significant bottom line savings. What would saving 10% of your organization’s materials and services costs mean to your bottom line?

Program development begins with reviewing existing operations and then methodically developing a plan to meet the organization’s specific objectives. Senior Management should provide any level of assistance required for developing and implementing an effective and cost efficient Procurement and Materials Management Program.

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