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Construction Project Claims Avoidance Checklist Templates

Construction Claims checklists of preventative actions an Owner or Contractor should take to protect against unfounded claims by Contractors.

Get it in writing when it happens!!! One of the most effective ways to defend your organization against excessive change orders and claims is to make it easy and second nature for everyone to document all related activities.

Consistently documenting day-to-day activities has proven to be one of the biggest challenges to busy professionals.

We save you time and money by quickly providing new forms, templates, and checklists outlining the basic requirements of the many aspects of claims management, documentation, validation, and dispute resolution processes.

Starting with basic and proven fundamental necessities already formatted to fit the task at hand is the easiest, most efficient solution to save you time. This allows the fundamentals to be quickly completed or delegated, saving time for researching and discovering alternative, equitable solutions that benefit the overall “bottom-line”.

Activities such as; Arbitration Case Development, Auditing Claims Avoidance Policies and Procedures, Change Documentation Preparation, Change Management, Change Order Validation, Change Order Requests, Change Order Payments, Claims Consulting, Reviewing Construction Claims, Construction Claims Avoidance, Construction Claims Negotiations, Construction Claims Resolution, Contractor Settlements, Construction Litigation Support, Construction Settlements, and Defending Delay and Disruption Claims can all be completed easier and faster when the requirements and processes are clearly defined.

Act now and discover the benefits of these “how-to” products at Special Introductory Prices!!!
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