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Award Regrets Letter to Unsuccessful Bidders
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Bidder Memo of Understanding for Specific Projects
Client Bidder Approval Form Template for Lower Tier Bidders
Client Letter of Interest Template
Client Specification & Product Substitution Approval Form
Company Business and Credit Information Template
Complete Reference Set
Confidentiality Agreement Template Package
Construction Contractors Job Site Safety Handbook Template
Construction Bidders List
Construction Claims and Recovery Checklist Templates
Construction Contractor Site Safety Policy Template
Construction Document Control Operations Audit Checklist
Construction Project Management Auditing Checklist Tools
Construction Project Claims Avoidance Checklist Template
Construction Project Claims Avoidance Checklist Templates
Construction Project Claims Recovery Checklist Template
Construction Project Excel Estimating and Invoicing Template
Construction Project Excel Monthly Progress Invoicing Tool
Construction Project Execution and Closeout Templates
Construction Project Expediting and Traffic Audit Checklist
Construction Project Management Master
Construction Project Management Template and Tool Kit
Construction Project Materials Management Audit Checklist
Construction Project Materials Management Auditing Package
Construction Project On-Site Material Control Checklist
Construction Project Purchasing Audit Checklist
Construction Projects Excel Estimating and Takeoff Templates
Construction Projects Excel Estimating and Takeoff Templates
Construction Safety Program Manuals and Checklists
Construction Site Policy on Alcohol & Drug Abuse Template
Construction Subcontract Administration Audit Checklist
Contact Us
Contract Agreement Template Package
Contract Close Out Procedure, Checklist & Templates
Contract Employee Confidentiality Agreement Template
Contract Request for Proposal Package
Corporate Purchasing and Contracting Policy Manual
Excel Active Bids Register for Tracking Multiple Projects through the Bid Cycle
Excel Award Recommendation Summary Template
Excel based Change Order Request to Owner Template
Excel Based Profit and Loss Forecast Template
Excel Based Project Open Items and Assignment Workbook
Excel based Project Punchlist Template for Correction Tracking
Excel based Requisition for Contract Consulting Services Template
Excel Based Requisition for Materials and SuppliesTemplate
Excel Bid Tab Template to Evaluate Multi-Bidders
Excel Cover Letter Template for Document Tracking
Excel Log for Tracking Project Submittal Data
Excel Purchase Order and Subcontract Log with contacts
Excel Subcontract & Purchase Order Register
Excel Template for Tracking the Inquiry Process
Fax Form to Lower-Tier Bidders Soliciting Pricing
Fax Telecopy Coversheet Template
Federal Architect Resume Template
Federal Construction Project Proposal Development Templates
Federal Construction Project Proposal Template
Federal Key Personnel Resume Template
Federal Multi-Services Coversheet & Index Tab Sheets
Federal Multi-Services Organization & Plan
Federal Multi-Services Proposal Safety Plan
Federal ORCA Certification Sample
Federal Past Specialized Experience-Typical
General Contractor’s Project Warranty Template
Health & Safety OSHA Manual and Handbook Templates Package
Health & Safety Procedure and Plan Templates with OSHA Links
Health and Safety Manual Template with OSHA Links
Help & Customer Service Links
Helpful Links to Other Resources
Inquiry Checklist Form for Construction Contracts
Inquiry Pre-Bid Meeting Agenda Template
Materials Management and Purchasing Assessment and Revamping
New Project Setup Infomation Checklist Template of Key Information
Notice of Award Letter of Intent without a Release to Proceed
Notice to Proceed-Lump Sum Fixed Price and Schedule Template
Office Purchasing Policy and Procedures Templates
On-Site Construction Safety Policy Templates and Checklists
OSHA’s Four Step Safety Program Implementation Process
Owner Delay Notification of Schedule and Cost Impact Template
Owner's 2nd Notification of Delays with Schedule and Cost Impact Template
Payment & Waiver Agreement Template for Defaulted Subcontractor Employee
Personalized & Expedited Document Preparation
Privacy Policy
Project Execution Submittals and Closeouts
Project Execution Workbook with Contact Lists and Logs
Project Management Audit Checklist
Project Proposal Estimating, Inquiry & Bidding Templates
Project Quality Assurance and Quality Control Plan
Project Setup, Purchasing, Admin and Subcontracting
Project Setup, Purchasing, and Administration Templates
Proposal Development, Inquiry and Bidding
Proposal Template Outline for Design Build Pricing
Purchase Order Detailed Terms & Conditions Template
Purchase Order File Checklist Form Template
Purchasing and Contract Administration Template Tool Package
Purchasing and Contract Administration Templates
Purchasing and Contracting Generally Accepted Good Business Practices
Purchasing and Expediting Manuals, Templates & Tools
Purchasing and Expediting Package
Purchasing Glossary of Terms
Purchasing Terms & Contract Administration Templates
Quality Assurance and Quality Control Manual
Quality Control and Quality Assurance Manual and Plan
Quality Control and Quality Assurance Manual and Plan Set
Quality Project Plan Sample
Relevant Projects Listing Excel Template
Request for Information & Clarification Excel Template
RFQ Distribution Template for Internal Distribution of Documents
RFQ Template for Lump Sum Construction Projects
Safety Hazards Housekeeping Checklist Template
Safety Orientation Checklist for New Employees
Safety Prevention Program Checklist
Self Inspection Safety Checklist for the Workplace
Sign in Sheet Word Template for Meetings
Site Map
Site Superintendent Daily Manpower Report Template
Site Weekly Meeting Template with Sign-In Sheet
Subcontract Backcharge Notification and Agreement Template
Subcontract File Checklist Template for Basic Documents needed
Subcontract for Execution Cover Letter Template
Subcontractor and Vendor Joint Check Agreement Template
Subcontractor Basic Scope of Work Template
Subcontractor Confidentiality Agreement Template
Subcontractor Default Notification because of Non-Performance Template
Subcontractor Insurance Certificate Sample Template
Subcontractor Lower-Tier Non-Payment Action Checklist
Subcontractor or Vendor Non-Collusion Affidavit Template
Subcontractor Performance Evaluation Template
Subcontractor Release of Lien Affidavit Template
The Software Replacement Advantage
Typical Design-Build Lump Sum Organizational Chart Template
Typical Organization Chart - Lump Sum General Construction
Word Award Recommendation Summary Template
Word Based Purchase Order Template for uncomplicated Buys
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